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Occupy Myself : Face to Face Construction

Hi...I have been very moved by an OCW sign that read: Occupy Yourself. After all, that's where it all begins and ends. However, there's always the question HOW? A friend of mine told me I just had to start meditating again, and yes,of course! So, sitting on the A train (190th.) en route to 59th.St., I took out one of my favorite books by A.Krishnamurti and within one stop became lulled by his words and the train and I usually just rhyme, it's a kid thing, but this came out different, and I can't hide behind it by saying it's just a, I feel a bit exposed placing it here, but, since I spent the last two hours on refining it and the image I'm about to upload, I need my show and tell time, never having been a kid as a kid. So, with your kind indulgence, here are the words. Thank you, and love, oh yes, that love word, love, rosa.

To Whom It May Concern:
I hereby announce that
I will refrain from
All altercation with
Each and every one of you.
I will not agree or disagree,
Judge, persuade, cajole,
Encourage or discourage,
Applaud or seek coherence.
You can all have your say
From within every part of me
That lives and I promise to listen,
Demur from coercion and do as
I will, having heard.
It is no longer sufficient to
Please, placate, pander, protect
What cannot or should not be saved.
Not a Palindrome
The Eye of the storm that stays quiet
Knows the swirling and twirling around it
Hurling this and that is
Never as interesting or real as
The I of the storm that stays silent.

Face to Face

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