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I love wim wenders.
I read a book he wrote and commented a lot about it on Artists Unite ISSUE here.
The cool thing is I was telling wendy about the film of his we just got from Netflix. I said, "this is my second favorite wim wenders movie. The first is Wings of Desire. The third is every other movie he made. The 2nd (the one I just got) is Lisbon story. It's almost a comedy. The character of the soundman, Winter, is so entertaining. But the story is so lush. And the sound (it's about a sound man) is so lush. So seductive. I had to turn off the movie and play something extemporaneous and luscious on the guitar.
Just wanted to share that.
carry on....

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Comment by Rosa Naparstek on April 8, 2008 at 9:22am
I too loved the movie "Lisbon", it was a "luscious" surprise, and the music, especially the woman totally haunting, like the abandoned building they were playing in. I got the "soundtrack", however, the effect without the camera focusing on the face and space makes it a little less magical.
and oh, by the way. Peter, if i may once again ask for your help....where's the spell check on this thing?


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