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Member Network Member Network Member Network Member Network Member Network's either early or late, i've been up since 3:00 AM...after a long nap trying to get the word out...again...and finally, we are having a 'hood party to celebrate What? _ Our (Artists Unite) almost decade long effort to get some art into the subways...this is the second set of posters, 6 each, one per elevator of original art from Washington Heights/Inwood artists. The other posters in the elevators are from MTA's stock in their Arts-In-Transit Program. This may seem like a small "thing": wow, one poster...however...this is radical for the MTA. Art goes through Arts-In-Transit...and not through the community. So, this was/is a unique pilot project for them, and our community mobilized to make it happen. So, please those of you out there, near here, and all the artists who applied, and/or wanted to apply, and or will apply in the future...please stop by. It's also the 75th. Anniversary of Fort Tryon Park, and there will be music and other "joyous" events. thank you. rosa (soon to come the book and movie, or at least an article for the New Yorker on this NYC village story).

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