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Logo Design Creation Process From Concept To Completion

Do you want to know the secret of how top-quality graphic designers design logos? This article will disclose exactly how top-notch logo designers of today’s contemporary age design their logos. It will show the design route that these designers undergo to get to their final logo design.

Logo Designers Design Route:

1. Logo Design Brief
2. Background & Competitive Research
3. Drawing The Sketch By Hand
4. Take Breaks
5. Wear Your Customer/Client Shoes
6. Short-list The Logo Design Concepts

Below is a synopsis of the entire design-course for a quick glance. You may well even discover it valuable to save this article somewhere on your PC.

1. Logo Design Brief: Carry out a survey through a questionnaire or an Interview with your customer to get the design brief. It is very important especially if you are providing a custom logo design service. Some of the key questions you can ask are:

? What is your company’s product and services?
? What is company’s goals and objectives?
? Who is your target market?
? Any particular design specifications?
? Any benchmark in your mind?
? What is your budget and time?

2. Background & Competitive Research: Research what sort of logo designs the industry players have, what changes they have brought into their logo designs and have their logo designs been successful.

3. Draw The Sketch By Hand: Sketching is a superb way to rapidly explore ideas or concepts. You can sketch for one or two hours and suggest several likely solutions to the customer. Showing sketched thumbnails or compositions to clients, will potentially save you a huge amount of time.

4. Take Breaks: Take breaks in short intervals of time throughout the logo design process. This lets your ideas mature and get improved interest. Obtain response.

5. Wear Your Customer Shoes: Put off your designer shoes and wear your customer shoes. How would you get the logo designed if you were running the business your customer is running?

6. Short-list Logo Design Concept: Decide according the logo design brief which logos to give to your client.

Every logo designer infers in his own way and if a single design brief is given to 10 different designers, they would design 10 different logos, a small number of which would bear a resemblance to each other. Although we all continually guess what makes a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ logo, one must keep in mind in the end, the eventual judge of logo design greatness may only be the pleased, paying customer.

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