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Hello Everyone, yes, I still exist although way behind the veil and still director of Artists Unite. Apologies for being so invisible. I check in on all of us all of the time and things seem to be running well providing a site for diverse art forms and artists from around our world.  As always you can contact me by writing When we first began, this site served as a website for those who did not yet have their own. Now, of course, many of you do. Still. this serves as a good link and as a link among us. However, I have been remiss and missing from this online presence because the political un-realities of our present time have led me to become more active in face-to-face community building.

Thank you all for being here, those from the beginning and new members. Please avail yourself of what this site offers. Upload your images, ideas, download your thoughts, "talk amongst yourselves" And let's keep our he/arts flowing".

Warm regards,
Rosa, Director

Artists Unite,

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