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An NYU Thesis Short Film About Washington Heights & Inwood Needs Your Help!

ear Fellow Past Or Present Washington Heights & Inwood Residents,

My name is Boris Riabov and I am an aspiring filmmaker from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. I have lived in Washington Heights for the past fifteen years, and I am writing  today to share an exciting development in my life, one I hope you might take an interest in and one that I hold very close to my heart. 

I am currently working on my senior thesis film, which takes place in Washington Heights, as well as Inwood.

It is called "Make Way For My Way," and it examines the last twenty-four hours of friendship between Arthur Abbey and Paul Othurs, two young, struggling musicians dealing with the imminent departure of Paul for the Navy to provide for his wife, Veranie, and their infant son, Christopher.

Together they have shared an uptown apartment for the past two years, an uneasy time during which Arthur has grown deeply attached to Paul. Paul’s marriage to Veranie is at its tipping point, which unexpectedly gives Arthur the chance to bring his friends back together, or separate them for good. Arthur is unable to express his anxiety to anyone, although his seventeen-year-old neighbor, Tessa, might know more about what Arthur is experiencing that he does himself.

"My Way" follows the two friends as they try to live their last moments, in the moment, as their time together in their beloved, yet unforgiving city, has come to an end.

I got your contact information from the website, of which I am also part of. 

There are very few narrative films about our neighborhood and I believe that must change. I have made an effort to explore and reveal many of our unique spaces in my previous works, from hidden gems like the little red boathouse by the Hudson River, to one of the great movie palaces, the Coliseum Theater.

I am currently fundraising online and am looking for any contributions to make this film possible. Every dollar counts and there are several gifts set up for various levels of contribution, such as personalized DVDs and invitations to the film’s New York City premiere. 
If 200 people donate $10 dollars each, for example, we've already raised $2000. 

If we don't make our fundraising goal of $6,000 by March 1st on the kickstarter website, we don't get to keep any money at all and we won't be able to make the film. 
It's all or nothing!

*Please visit our Kickstarter fundraising website at to donate for “Make Way For My Way.”

*You can find out more about our film and the crew at

*We are also accepting checks by mail payable to Boris Riabov. Please send them to:
 Boris Riabov
 213 Bennett Avenue Apt 1L
 New York, NY 10040

I cannot do this without your help, and I would love for you to be a part of my film. It would mean the world to me to be given the chance to accurately capture this neighborhood that we all know and love so well.


Boris Riabov


1. Breakfast In America. 19MIN. 16mm. Color.

2. Through A Kid's Eyes (Colliseum Theater Documentary)
Part 1:
Part 2:

3. West Of 181st Street

Thanks Again

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