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Once -- again

I had the opportunity to see the New York Theatre Workshop staging of Once, a play based on the John Carney film starring Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. I went in thinking it unusual for an adaptation to buck the more typical play-to-film route. It turns out lots of films turn into plays (if you don’t believe me, look…


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I'm not familiar with this artists work, so I have no good context for reaction to this story from today's New York Times. It is a very provocative story, though, that I hope to get deeper into. An Artist Turns People Into His Marionettes


Published: November 29,… Continue

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call for Video

News Release



Winners of the Art Video Competition Will Garner a Total of US $30,000 in Cash Awards and Have Their Videos Exhibited on New York City’s Times Square Monitors

Grand Prize Will Be Chosen by Jury Chaired by Isabella Rossellini

LONDON/ NEW YORK (September 28, 2009) – Babelgum , the independent web and mobile video content platform, continues its talent-scouting mission with the launch of… Continue

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what i want to do this week

What I want to do this week
‡ In-I Khan+Binoche ‡ Gods of Carnage ‡ Greenpoint Open Studios. details at

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fair and balanced reporting?!?

Jerry Saltz challenges Glenn Beck to an art exhibit.
This is painful. This is hysterical.

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A demonstration of the nexus between art and making a difference

Sure, it's a 'bit,' but I am glad to know that one of the Democratic Senators knows where every state is and can draw them freehand from… Continue

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my new web site

i've updated my web site, and while the full fruition is still underway, I wanted to invite those of you who aren't already following the facebook, twitter, and other various fritter postings to take a gander at my new mental annex.

peace out

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MoMa 9/2

A hit and run review.

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pod anyone?

Got this in the email. Sounds cool (not sure about these dates):

Artist residency / Residencias para artistas: The Waterpod

Deadline: August 31

The Waterpod is a public floating living sculpture traversing the NY Waterways during the summer/fall of 2009. Four artists live and work on board. The Waterpod is looking for artists to create installations that will become part of the permanent structure of the Waterpod, and performance and video artists to exhibit their work.… Continue

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a moment of silence for merce

I received a link today to this 2006 televised performance of a piece by Merce Cunningham's long-time collaborator John Cage. I then learned of Cunningham's death and heard highlighted on Brian Lehrer's show Cunningham's process of not choreographing to music (music appeared in his pieces at dress rehearsal). So I thought this performance of 4'33 was an apt tribute, albeit unintentional. Cunningham was at the forefront of his craft and of the world of art to the end. His website,… Continue

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laughing out loud

As Facebook is devouring our productive time and being preached as the silver bullet for nonprofit marketing, it is becoming a new cultural matrix for creativity as well. Discussions about hyperactive status updaters, silly surveys and annoying friend requests seem to appear in every group encounter. The explicit reference of this music perfomance works like a charm and makes me wonder if more nuanced versions of Facebook-speak will soon be emerging as high art. (Caveat emptor: Please be aware… Continue

Added by Peter Ferko on July 22, 2009 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Last Chance to see "Economy"

The Northern Manhattan Photographers are holding a closing party on the last day of the exhibit "Economy." I'm in the show, but it's packed with 12 artists' varied views of dollars and lack of sense going down right now. There's a drawing for a photo from the show (as if you needed more incentive to stop by).


NoMa Photographers

Compton-Goethals Art Gallery

The City College of New York

Amsterdam Avenue between 139th - 140th Streets

Closing… Continue

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Councilmember Martinez of upper Manhattan resigns over funneling fake nonprofit funds

Lots of info here.

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considering the public space

I have been thinking about art in a public space, which led to my Boite du Bois project last year and the Creative Venues: Projection show this year.

There's a nice piece tying the same question that led me here: Isn't the experience of art getting too insular? Marlon Barrios interviews software engineer/dance creator Frieder Weiss on Dance-Tech.

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view from the Projection Show

Rosa and I headed up to our projection show roof today with rooftop films and scoped out tomorrow's vantage point. It was awfully pretty!

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life imitating art

There are a few times when reality is "stranger than fiction," and what's happening in Bhutan right now is as good as any utopian novel. Check out the story of the nation's shift from gross national product to "gross happiness product" in the New York Times.

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Tacita Dean in NYC

I just saw Tacita Dean's work at Marian Goodman up through April 29. Half the show is overpainted photographs. The larger ones are interesting: the ancient burial rocks silhouetted using black paint are striking; but the photo texture and paint didn't work for me (I became more interested in the brush strokes than the subject matter). On the other hand, the small paintings, using white gouache to silhouette and other marks on photos of trees, are gorgeous.

Her 16mm film Michael… Continue

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new group for seeing art and performance

Take advantage of the new Meet to See It group. Post when you are going to see something and wouldn't mind some company. Look under Groups.

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Help me with this project???

I am hoping you might help me with an upcoming art project. To do so, copy, paste and complete the survey below as a comment. There is only one question. The comments will be moderated by me, so I will not post your rankings for general view.




As part of an art project, I am conducting an informal survey of individuals' opinion of the value of various occupations. I appreciate you taking time to complete this… Continue

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Pipilotti Rist at MoMA

I just made it over to see what the Times supposed to be one of the few pieces that has effectively filled MoMA's central space, Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters) by Pipilotti Rist. It was like a juicy candy apple: sweet, luscious, and a little naughty...…


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photo of the millisecond

Add a photo here. It is your 15 moments of fame. Anyone can post. Anyone can replace (it will cycle). Enjoy. If it's okay with you, we may draw new backgrounds from this set.


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