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Fuzzy realism can be described as a reaction to photorealism,  but it is more than the fuzziness of contours and shapes, it's an esthetics of open forms in the realm of visual arts.In fine arts fuzzy realism creates open form by strings of color, strokes of pencil, crayon, pastel in fascicles instead of unequivocal lines. Lines string along generating fuzzy patches of color out of which you are invited to imagine, recreate an image, the subject of a painting, drawing. Form as meaning is open, left to the guessing and from this derives the esthetic pleasure of the viewer.Contours are diffuse, shapes and volumes suggested rather than imposed on the viewer, yet there is a place for order into chaos and fuzzy realism is not confusion since there is light and shadow.

On a philosophical level, fuzzy realist art is a response to an elusive reality, that escapes clear definition, has open answers and leaves room to imagination, dreaming, recreating meaning according to one's own abilities and needs for esthetic harmony. The title of a work as well as scatterd realistic elements in an artpiece can provide clues to the respective work but the viewer can see more or  less according to external or internal factors(mood, education, artistic disposition, time, place).


And here are a couple of my projects developed in 2009 when i experimented with this technique for the first time.



watercolor pencils on watercolor pad. Here I use the pencils dry just to suggest shape and value.



water applied with a small brush.



this is canvas pad and i used watersoluble oil pastels to pinpoint my subject.



 the final version after applying water.



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